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Knowledge is foundation, Wisdom is application.
typicalnguyener: Where do you get your haircut?

Vinhs Hair Salon on Valley!

Ask for Ben!!!

typicalnguyener: 44-50????

44. Met someone famous?
Toni Braxton, Kerry Washington and Gary Sinise.

45. Been on vacation?
Only to Vegas haha..

46. Been on a boat?
Does the one at Disneyland count?

47. Been on a airplane?
To Los Angeles only.

48. Pranked called someone?
Um when I was like in elementary school haha.

49. Taken a pregnancy test?

50. Been suspended from school?
Just tons of detention 😓

Anonymous: 11,39

11. Had sex in public?
Guilty. It was In a movie theatre when I was like 14?

39. Lost my virginity before I was 16?
Um orally hahahaha.

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